On 12 December 1969 at 16:37 a high-powered bomb exploded in the hall of the Banca Nazionale dell’Agricoltura, based in Piazza Fontana, Milan. It left in pieces the bodies of seventeen innocent victims along with eighty-eight seriously injured. The year 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the so called “mother” of all the following massacres, which left a legacy of blood in our country: 1970 train Freccia del Sud; 1972 Peteano; 1973 Milan, Police Headquarters; 1974 train Italicus; 1974 Piazza della Loggia, Brescia; 1976 Piazzale Arnaldo, Brescia; 1980 Bologna station.

Totalling 136 dead and over 570 wounded, the families of the victims still await clear and complete justice. Actual perpetrators, all belonging to the neo-fascist extreme right wing, still go unpunished, many belatedly condemned, some in receipt of amnesty, and the principals who always remained in the shadows. An incredibly tangled web of links – between red herrings, concealed evidence, exasperating slowness in the trial process, interwound interests between international politics, secret services and other State apparatus – never fully clarified, whose involvement never really came to light. A plot that violated, as well as essential human principles, the fundamental assumptions of both our culture and society. An open wound still awaiting public recognition.