The chosen site for Non Dimenticarmi, designed by artist Ferruccio Ascari, was conceived as a “means of activating the collective memory”. Its intention is to keep alive the memory of the victims of Piazza Fontana and, at the same time, those of all the other massacres. The subversive origins of those tragic events are indeed what history refers to as the “climate of tension”.

The elements making up the work take it beyond the confines of traditional memorials. Non Dimenticarmi is a site-specific installation, which can be passed through, thus establishing a dialogue with those both engaged and involved in the experience. From each of the 136 curved stems, a small bronze bell is suspended, referring to the total number of victims. The bells are voices of a spiritual presence that invite us to both remember and question those deaths, along with the real meaning and value of what it is to actively participate in society.